Unable to update licenses after secret key change

Since Client Secret key is a major end-point for API communication between Microsoft CSP & kiosk, any changes to the client secret (invalid/expired key) might not work.

In this case, client has to be communicated on the key expiry and advised to share the updated application secret key.

This key has to be updated in MongoDb under node-mongo-authentication>> Keys collection for all the existing records. To do this at once, follow the below query:

try {
{ "endpoint.client_secret" : "%2BuUZKGAHxeTEvx77ccUCZVkTZ%2FYehU5WI1sQSszseyk%3D" },
{ $set: { "endpoint.client_secret" : "PB2FhHgzgbhL3TXhrft3aj4HsC0VOYnvNHPGZrrREXw%3D" } }
} catch (e) {

Once done, follow the steps below:

  1. Stop the services - apiv2, authentication, billingv2, providerv2, resources. workloads
  2. Clear cache from Application Pools
  3. Restart the above stopped services.

This should work fine now!!!

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