How to upload image ?

Management > Images, list of private image will be displayed in grid.

Steps to upload image:

  1. Click “+ Upload Image” button.
  2. Marketplace > Software tab, Click “+ Upload Image” button page redirect to My Images.



Required fields:

  1. Image Name
  2. Description 
  3. Provider is Dropdown list. The list is to be fetched from Resource Service - Providers that support Image Upload feature
  4. Region in Dropdown list.
  5. Image Format in Dropdown list.
  6. Browse component





User can click the register option, which is shown in gear. File transferring process from ftp server to provider host end point



  • Once after the successful upload to the provider host end point the upload.
  • Once the above step is completed successfully, the private image will be available in the Marketplace/Software tab to be selected by the user to launch an instance.




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