What is accelerated file transfer?

It is a much faster process to send files securely to other locations, be it to other folders or emails. Small files up to 25 MB are rather easy to send via email as attachment. They are also quick to upload to a folder in the cloud or as part of a workflow process. But anything bigger than that starts to get more challenging.

An accelerated file transfer solution utilizes a different protocol to the much slower FTP or TCP. It uses a UDP protocol or User Datagram Protocol which sends data at speed up to 100x faster rate than FTP. But speed is not the only benefit. It is also more secure with almost 0% packet loss ensuring safe and complete transfer of your files.

For example a 23.4 GB over a 10 Gbps link with 250ms RTT would take 30 hours to upload using FTP / http protocol. But it takes only 30 seconds with one of the accelerated file transfer solution using UDP as it maximises the most of the bandwidth. The possibilities are numerous and the gain in speed results in more money at the end of the day. So check out our accelerated file transfer solutions!

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