How does FileCatalyst compare to a WAN accelerator appliance?

When all data must be accelerated between all of an organization’s WAN nodes, a WAN accelerator appliance may be a good solution. Such devices do a great job speeding up CIFS, Email, and Web, as well as a reasonable job improving FTP performance—providing network conditions are not too severe. If the problem is not limited only to file transfer, a WAN accelerator may be an important part of your data infrastructure.

In contrast, FileCatalyst only accelerates file transfers; but it does this better than any other product. Being software-based, FileCatalyst is very easy to deploy, and requires no physical changes to your network. FileCatalyst can guarantee full line speed or higher, regardless of link conditions. The FileCatalyst Server-based pricing model makes it much more cost effective when the transfer scenario is many to one, or one to many. You can deploy one server and support thousands of end users with only one license.

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