How to create users in Storm?

The first step before any user can start using Storm is that the administrator needs to create users by logging in to the server. The step by step procedure is mentioned below:

  1. Take Remote connection to the server using the above mentioned server credentials
  2. Click on the Storm_MNG icon in the Desktop. This will open the Storm Server Manager.
  3. Click on Management then Users. This will open the “User List box” where we can do the following:
    1. Add new user
    2. Modify existing user
    3. Delete existing user
  4. Let us look at how to add new users. Click on Add in the User list box which will open the User settings box as shown below:
  5. In the User settings box provide the following information:
    1. User Name, ID, password, confirm the password, max brandrate, max bitrate (maxed at 100Mbps)
    2. Connection local path (where the uploaded files from the clients will be stored. Can provide any desired path in the server)
    3. validity period (validity for the user), then click on OK to confirm the creation of the user who will appear in the “User list box” as seen below.

You can create as many users as you would like by repeating the above steps.



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