How do I connect and start transferring files using STORM?

In the main application page, when you click on Destination drop down you will see the server that was just added. Choose the server and click on Connect.

Once the connection is made, you will see the status as "Connected" next to the button as shown below:

Then right click on the empty space under Communication tab and choose send file/send folder as needed. Let's send the storm client setup file as an example.

As you can see below it is currently transferring to the server.

Once the transfer is complete click on serverdir tab and you will be able to see the uploaded file (storm client setup file) listed here:

The user can right click on any file in the serverdir and download the file. The default download location is the user’s desktop. However it can be configured by clicking on Application Setting and unchecking the "Use desktop folder" and providing a different folder for downloading.

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