Working together with media files now made easier with eMAM.

Access rights are assigned to every user so they can only access, edit content that matters to them. But by creating groups you can facilitate working together on media content. Being a cloud application all you need is an internet connection and you can login through the secure page and access your content quickly.  This is particularly interesting for organisation which have people travelling. They can access their content at the airport, on the bus or train or at the hotel so time is lost.

You can comment, send for approval, format and deliver asset by simple drag and drop. Your comments in the group can be shared, promoting better communication and working together ethos, add annotations to parts of the clip and save your work. You can browse your online library of content, share it and all with no additional hardware cost like hard drive, tapes or postage expenses.

eMAM dedicated Cloud is the ideal solution for professionals on the move, production house, company video assets, marketing professionals now available on ComputeNext.

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